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to give someone special treatment, making that person as comfortable as possible and giving them whatever they want:

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It came under immediate attack from some local politicians and journalists, who charged that the inmates were being pampered.
There is a sense here of a body being pampered and ultimately restored to strength – or masculinity – by the bath.
Nothing emphasized the differences between classes more effectively than comparing the lifestyle of the plantation mistress, generally regarded as vain and pampered, with that of the farmwife.
I mention that to show the remorseless hatred for us of these men whom we are pampering at the present moment.
I do think that it is going a little too far to make provisions to pamper the desires of the minority.
In short, it has tended to pamper the less efficient and has eliminated the rightful differential of the truly productive.
I fail to see why we should be eternally cossetting and pampering the motor trade, which is largely responsible for much of our present difficulties.
It goes on to ask why we should pamper a man who is working half-time by giving him employment maintenance.
Democracy does not consist in pampering the lazy or the irresponsible to the deprivation of the serious-minded.
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