*2 Paper on which you will not print on both sides (for example, when something is already printed on the front side).

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*3 Fine & other special paper.

*4 Paper where company names, prephối text, & others are already printed.

*5 Colored paper.

*6 Paper that is registered as one of frequently used paper types.


Paper other than plain paper is referred to lớn as special paper. When loading special paper into lớn the paper tray, specify the correct paper type. Otherwise, it may result in a paper jam or image error.

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Applicable paper sizes

Paper feed port

Allowable sizes

Bypass Tray

A4, B5, A5, B6, A6

4 6, A6 thẻ, double postthẻ, envelope (B5, C6, DL, Com10, Monarch, Japanese Western-style 3, Japanese Western-style 4, long khung 3, long size 4), 100 milimet 150 mm

8 13*, 16K

Tray 1

8-1/2 11, 8 10-một nửa, 8 10, 7-1/4 10-một nửa, 5-50% 8-1/2

A4, B5, A5, B6, A6

4 6, A6 card, double postcard, envelope (B5, Com10, Japanese Western-style 4, long khung 3)


Paper Feed Unit PF-P21 

8-một nửa 14, 8-một nửa 11, 7-1/4 10-1/2

A4, B5

Paper Feed Unit PF-P20 

8-1/2 11, 7-1/4 10-1/2

A4, B5

Auto Duplex Unit

A4, B5

8 13*, 16K

Width: 4-3 phần tư inches khổng lồ 8-50% inches (1đôi mươi mm to lớn 215.9 mm), Length: 8-ba phần tư inches to 14 inches (223 mm khổng lồ 355.6 mm)

* Foolscap has the following five sầu types: 8-1/2 13-một nửa, 8-1/2 13, 8-1/4 13, 8-1/8 13-1/4, & 8 13. Any one of these sizes is selectable. For details, tương tác your service representative.

All paper sizes have a printable area, excluding 3/16 1/16 inches (4.2 2.0 mm) from the edges of the paper for printing, & 3/16 1/16 inches (4.0 2.0 mm) from the edges of the paper for copying. When configuring a user setting of the page kích cỡ using the application, specify the paper size within the printable area so that the optimal result is obtained.

On an envelope, it is only possible khổng lồ print on the front (address) side. Also, the result of printing on the seal overlapping part on the front side cannot be assured. The area that cannot be assured varies depending on envelope types.

The page margin setting is determined depending on your application. If the mặc định paper size or margin is selected, there may be some part of the paper that is not able lớn be printed on. To obtain the optimal result, configure the custom setting so that an image is included in the printable area of this machine.

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Do not load the following paper into lớn the tray. Not observing these precautions may lead to lớn reduced print unique, a paper jam or damage to the machine.

Paper that has been printed on with a heat-transfer printer or an inkjet printer

Folded, curled, wrinkled, or torn paper

Paper that has been left unwrapped for a long period of time

Damp paper, perforated paper, or paper with punched holes

Extremely smooth or extremely rough paper, or paper with an uneven surface

Treated paper such as carbon-backed paper, thermal paper, pressure-sensitive paper, or iron-on transfer paper

Paper that has been decorated with foil or embossing

Paper of a non-standard shape (paper that is not rectangular)

Paper that is bound with glue, staples or paper clips

Paper with labels attached

Paper with ribbons, hooks, buttons, etc., attached

Envelopes that have sầu glue or release paper on the flaps or the flap-covered part of the body

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